The Wedding Of



Peter & Mary

Together with our loved Families & Friends 
Joyfully invite you to celebrate their wedding 

P & M

“ Behold this heart has been gathered in the love because of you and meet in obedience to Thy. Then strengthen their bonds, make the forever affection, blessed course and fill the hearts of both with your light that never fades. ”

Groom & Bride

Are Getting Married

Peter Parker

The son of Tony Stark & Natasha Romanoff

Mary Jane

Daughter of Steve Roger & Diana Prince 

Wedding Schedule

The taste of the day and happy in our heart and engraved over the overflow of the grace of God ALMIGHTY, we invoke his Ridho to make a cross-legged wedding receptions – son our daughter, which God willing will be held on:

Akad / Pemberkatan :

Date: Thursday | 22 - 02 -2022 
Time: 07 am - 10 am 
Location: Masjid An Nur - Jl. Ponegoro No.192 Denpasar 

Reception :

Date: Thursday, 22 - 02 -2022
Time: 08 pm - 10 pm 
Location: Finns Beach Club - Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99, Canggu 

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Thursday | 22 Feb 2022 

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We Are Getting Married


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